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Writing An Article

Are you interested in writing for FOP? We are constantly looking to get content directly from residents and business owners in the Shoreham Wading River and surrounding areas. These articles should “Focus On” the interests of the residents and should avoid any sort of political or controversial subjects. Whether you are an aspiring high school journalist, someone who has a specific expertise on any subject, a hobbyist writer or a seasoned pro looking to just get some publishing credit, we are looking for you! Your writing must be up to par though! Let’s make sure your submissions are the best they can be!

Get some ideas
Ideas can come from anywhere – and most will find a reader. Look in your backyard, events happening in the area, something really cool you or your neighbor did, something you excel in like finances, crafting, fixing cars, fashion sense, humor, etc. All these are a great starting point! Not every issue has a theme, but checking out any themes that may be coming up can really get the juices flowing. If we don’t have a section, make it good enough that we add one especially for you!

Basic Do’s and Don’ts
Do answer the 6 main questions – Who? What? Where? When? How? And why? Even in the shortest article or column a reader needs a reason to read it. Give all the relevant facts in an entertaining manner. Opinions are like elbows – just about everyone has at least 1! We may accept an opinion piece. But chances are it will be overlooked or rewritten to fit the publication.

Don’t be too technical. Most readers will not understand the technical aspect of your expertise. Unless the article is meant to educate the reader on that expertise, keep the details in layman’s terms. And even if it is, be sure to keep it entertaining. Bio chemistry or electrical engineering may be completely entertaining to you. But unless you put some glitter on it your neighbor probably will skip on to the next article.

Do spell check. Yes, I am a terrible speller. I need spell check and you do too. You most likely need a second set of eyes to read through and correct grammar and spelling before it even gets to our proofreader. So let someone take a look before sending.

Don’t hesitate. We have deadlines and they are super tight. If you have an idea just write and submit. We are not so big we need a query letter (yet!) If we can use it we will. If not, we will either let you know or we can hold it for another issue.

Do send us a little blurb on you. We, and your readers, want to know who you are and why you write. Who knows? Maybe we will feature you in an issue or we will send you assignments!

Don’t assume your piece will be printed word for word. Just about everything is edited. Whether it’s to fit the space, the issue or to clean it up a bit to fit our publishing style, chances are there will be changes made. It’s the nature of the beast. Don’t be offended. It’s nothing personal.

Do send images if you have them. Be sure you have the rights to any images you send. But especially if it is about a person or something that demands visuals, go out and take some pictures or have a friend do it. If it’s a feature, we may send out one of our professional photographers to cover it. But feel free to send along any supporting material.

Lastly, DO follow our word counts as best you can. We may request more or edit it down. But follow our starting points and these rules of the road and you can be sure even the novice will be able to submit something they will be proud to have published!

You CAN do it!
Just send your submission to: focusonswr@gmail.com

Here are the word counts for each type of article or column.

Single short column: 175-225

General column: 400-500

General Article: 700-1400

Feature 1000-2100 

Caption: 10-25

Feature insert or blurb: 125-200


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