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Some Article Ideas

Looking for ideas for an article?
How about these?

History related.
How long has you family been in the area?
Do you go back generations?
Can you tell a story about Washington’s spy ring in the area?
How about the history of the development of Duck Pond area?
Historic events, houses or businesses, famous SWR names in the past, etc.

Expertise related.
Have a business in SWR or that services SWR? Tell us about it.
Know how to do something interesting? Crafts? Cooking? Electrical work? Know how to sail? Just about anything you can do that’s not common knowledge is up for grabs.
How about writing and article about writing an article? Juices flowing yet?

The Community.
Events past, present and future.
Notable residents.
Charitable news.
Anything about the students or faculty of SWR school district?
Safe places to entertain kids?
Someone just get engaged or married?
Information on selling our buying a house in the area?

How about topics relating to parenting, health, fixing a broken liner in a pool, spring cleaning, BBQing, culinary subjects, finances, raising chickens, fashion tips, entertainment, local restaurant or band reviews (only good ones please! If you can’t say something good…), so many other topics…

As you can see, there are more things to write about than not to write about. If you submit something we can’t use now or ever we will either hold it or let you know.

Please send ideas or submissions to: focusonswr@gmail.com


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