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A Look Inside The FOLI SWR Premiere Issue

The Premiere Issue

Today we release the first issue of Focus On Long Island – Shoreham-Wading River Edition – or as we affectionately call it “FocusOn SWR.” Here is the “Letter from the Publisher: Ron Smith…


Ron Smith
President of Focus On Publishing Ltd and Publisher of FOLI/NY

As this long awaited premiere issue is assembled piece by piece by such an incredible staff, it is with a great sense of pride that I add my little personal touch here in this introduction. Although I have worked on quite a few publications, including a few of my own, nothing is like the feeling of a team coming together, along with the community they live and work in to deliver a meaningful and fulfilling publication.

Focus On Publications (FOP), as you may know by now, is a hyper-local and community-centric magazine that is coupled with a multi-media creation and promotional company which allows strong and involved communities the opportunity to create and share.

 Why start in Shoreham-Wading River you may ask? Well, this area has special significance for me. I grew up in Rocky Point and spent most of my school years in the North Shore Public Library. However, my roots here go back far more than a century and a half (probably longer but my family records only go so far), when a direct relative owned a huge parcel of land stretching from the Wading River beach to the main road directly adjacent to the Woodhull property. The house is no longer there. It was sold to an artist who went on a tour of Europe. During which, the caretaker managed to burn it to the ground. Later in the century Ebenezer Jones, another relative, deeded what is now the Historical Society’s building to the town. I thought this would be the perfect place to anchor our first publication!

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Alchemy Decorating – Wading River – 631-886-1763 – www.alchemy deorating.com

I love what the area has become and support many local businesses and residents. And, local businesses survive and thrive on the customers in their backyards. So our ad strategy is local first, of interest to the community second and lastly general interest. Focus On Long Island, Shoreham-Wading River Edition (FocusOn SWR) will bring the entertainment and information “focused on” Shoreham, Wading River and the surrounding areas first and foremost with articles, submissions, contests, etc. directly from your friends and neighbors.

It is important to note that we are working to build ad revenue, which will allow us to mail a hard copy of the magazine at no subscription charge directly to residents. Our goal is to get up to 95% delivery coverage by the end of this year. But we can only do that with the support of the community and the local businesses. So consider promoting your business with us so we can get this publication in the residents’ hands free of charge, and not just dropped at the local supermarkets.

We hope you enjoy this first edition online and we look forward to your writing, picture and idea submissions, as well as our
contributor-only entertainment and network events scheduled with our amazing advertisers.

Thanks for reading, and look for FocusOn SWR in your mailbox soon!

View or download the latest issue here: FOLI SWR VOL 1 ISSUE 1

The Premiere Issue
 Cover image of the premiere issue of FOLI – SWR Edition

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