Focus On Long IslandShoreham Wading River Edition

The Summer Issue Is Live.

The long awaited Volume 1, Issue 4 is finally out, ready for download and at the printer awaiting delivery! Here is a little excerpt from our Editor in Chief, Shannon McMullen Copcutt:

Letter From The Editor

This issue is all about summer and for me, that brings back all of the nostalgia of being a kid and everything that goes with it­­— sticky chins from melting ice pops, long lazy days at the beach running in and out of the ocean, the sound of the ice cream man sending bursts of excitement throughout the neighborhood.

Summer is a time to relax and rejoice with family and friends, as it seems the world is our oyster for a short time thanks to late sunsets and a plethora of outdoor activities. We allow ourselves to be pulled outside to the grassy outdoors, loosen our schedules (or throw them out if you are a teacher) and cannonball into a vitamin D-induced euphoria.

Now is the time to slow things down, take a break to enjoy a few
“daycations”, and even allow our children’s brains to pickle a bit from the respite of everyday education (and plethora of pool water). And lucky for us in Shoreham-Wading River, most of the amazing activities are right at our doorstep.

In this issue we will explore some of those nearby activities, staycation ideas, and healthy habits to keep you moving (or just resting comfortably). So peel back those layers and enjoy some fresh-picked local strawberries, try a new summer wine at one of our local wineries such as Baiting Hollow Farm Vineyards, or go camping at Wildwood State Park– or if you are feeling adventurous do them all!

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