Article Submissions

Article Submissions
Please use this form to submit articles for consideration. If you are not a current writer for Focus On Long Island/New York please contact us at hello@focusonli.com with any questions about having your content published. Please note: we do not accept all articles. We do not except political or controversial pieces. We do not print opinion or editorials without assignment. These should be informational only and of interest to the residents of the community you are writing for. For evergreen or general interest to all articles please submit a submission letter prior to upload.
Please select what edition this article pertains to. If it is a multiple edition piece please choose General Interest. If you have not written for FOP before, please be sure to include a blurb about yourself.
Please keep this short. You may mention a business name, phone and link. However, this may be edited prior to publication. If you are already an FOP contributor, you do not need to fill this out.
If applicable.
You may leave this field blank if you do not know exactly where this article may fit. We will place it in the issue and section we feel it fits best if accepted.
These word counts may be different for each edition. Please contact our staff at hello@focusonli.com to find out what we are currently using per edition if not sure.
We always suggest including images or files with your written submissions. Images should be high resolution. Video should be at least 720 HD. If you check YES, we will send an email with instructions for upload to our dropbox or you may email any files that add to less than 20MB to focusonmags@gmail.com along with your name, the article title and the edition.
I attest that I am the author of this original or pre-published work and give permission of use for possible publication to FOP in either the print or web version or any any promotional material it might be published in. I submit that I have not knowingly plagiarized or misappropriated any part of this work and it is my own creation. I understand I am responsible for any issues related to copyright infringement, plagiarism and that FOP is not responsible for any issues that may arise from my submission. Any legal issues that arise from copied sources or defamation will be the sole responsibility of the author. I attest that that I have permission of the creators, if not myself, to use without condition, any files or images I may submit as support to the article. I understand that content submitted may not be chosen for publication for any reason and it be published in the FOP online entities or saved for a later issue. All submissions are subject to edit or refusal. We will try to contact the author if the submission does not fit our publication with information on how to improve the next submission.