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Please use the form below to submit up to 3 images for publication consideration. If they are part of a previously submitted article, please indicate in the proper field. Images must be taken by you or you must have permission to post from the maker of the image. Preferably, images should be “to size (meaning if it’s an 8×10 image it should be an 8×10” file) with a minimum DPI of 240. (generally cell phone and camera images are larger size but lower DPI which is fine as well). Please do not submit any images from social media. These images are very compressed and cannot be used for print in any way and will not be accepted. Always submit directly from your camera or phone. Files must not be larger than 6mb.

Please only click submit once. It may take up to 60 seconds for large files on a fast system.


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I attest that I am the photographer OR have permission from the creator of this (these) images I am submitting for possible publication to FOP. I understand I am responsible for any issues related to copyright infringement and that FOP is not responsible for any issues that may arise from my submission. I understand that any images submitted may not be chosen for publication for any reason and they may be published in the FOP online galleries with proper photo credit at a later date. I also understand that any image may be cropped, trimmed or manipulated to fit publication needs or promotion.